Computer Repair Scams - Are You Being Targeted?

Scammers are everywhere, even in the computer repair field, but they are easy to spot if you know what to look for. For instance, they prey on people during times of crisis, so if you get a call about a COVID-19 payment, and they offer to repair your computer without you calling them first, it is likely a scam. They will offer things to help, and be encouraging and sympathetic, but it is all a ruse. The software they use to fix your computer is a Trojan horse, and with a few keystrokes they will have all your information, both personal and financial. These scammer companies will ask for elaborate payment methods that seem safe, but only offer easier access to your money.

If you get one of these calls and you feel it is wrong, or notice red flags, do not proceed with anything, no matter how desperate. Call a well known computer repair Lake Zurich outfit and keep your information safe.