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Refurbishing your concrete floors in Chicago means you have probably come across basement epoxy flooring systems by now. But what is it really about, and why do residents and even commercial property owners prefer using it for concrete polishing Chicago? We are here to help you understand the components of epoxies and how it has become a popular choice among floor polish over the years.

Epoxies are made with resinous substances that come in different variations. Its two major types are solvent-based and solid base. Most professional contractors use a solid epoxy system for a durable basement epoxy coating. A solid epoxy base contains two vital components namely resin and hardener, unlike a solvent-based system which requires resins, hardeners, filler, and water.

Using solid composition epoxy most likely results in higher resistance, stronger surface, not to mention faster cure time for the convenience of homeowners. Depending on the purpose of your basement, epoxy flooring companies in Chicago may recommend higher or lower thickness. This can prolong the durability and quality of your basement’s polished concrete floors, whether you plan to remodel it into a home gym, a bedroom, or a man cave. For professional epoxy flooring, call us at Peter Epoxy Paint, Inc. today!