Granite countertops that will make your friends envious

When I settled for remodeling my bathroom, I wanted it to be perfect. New tiles, bathtub and sink were a bare minimum but I wanted to do something about furnishings as well. Actually, I’ve seen on some website or other stone countertops that made me envious. It’s obvious then that I decided to order something similar for myself. Upon some internet browsing, I found a company that offered granite countertops Streamwood, where I live. Without a second thought, I called them and ask when they could install countertops for me. They said that maybe I should hold my horses a bit and have a look first on the pricing and choice of materials. I replied that I’m ready to pay as much as necessary and that granite is granite after all. They laughed good-naturedly and showed me different color and pattern options of that the stone comes in. I was simply dazzled.

bathroom countertops streamwood

Unique bathroom with granite countertops Streamwood

When I decided on particular granite look, guys from Timeless prepared estimation. As I said before, I wasn’t particularly concerned about the price. Nevertheless, upon seeing figures, I called to the company asking, if someone hasn’t made a mistake. Not because the price was high. Quite the contrary. I haven’t thought it possible to pay as little for granite countertops in Streamwood. Not that I was going to complain. I got an excellent service, that is – high quality product and very meticulous yet efficient installation. In addition, all of that with a budget friendly pricing. If only more of the companies where so customer oriented, I could complete all of the home improvement projects in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, I’m glad that I found such a company as Timeless. I’m going to use their services as well when I get to replacing kitchen countertops.

granite countertops streamwood