Best place to call in HVAC emergency

At the beginning of the year, my old furnace gave up. I knew I shouldn’t have been postponing its replacement so long. If I took care of the whole thing, I wouldn’t be so hard pressed to find a new appliance on short notice and then someone, who could deal with its installation. My cousin, seeing I was desperate, said he knew people, who provide professional HVAC service in Schaumburg and could help in my situation. That was how I ended up calling to MTM Express Heating and Cooling. Even though at that time they were pretty busy, they promised to help with my problem as soon as possible. Not long after our initial conversation, HVAC contractors appeared at my doorstep to confirm final demise of the appliance and determining what type of furnace would make the most appropriate replacement.

MTM hvac service during work

How to find the best heating system on a short notice

We spoke at length about the best heating system and potential costs. I was ready to pay more to have better, more energy efficient furnace installed. It wouldn’t do me any good if the new equipment broke down after short service or guzzled enormous amounts of fuel. From the above description, it may look like I spent plenty of time, considering and comparing different available options. Actually that was not the case as HVAC contractors helped me to narrow down quickly my choices. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually didn’t press for selling me the most expensive unit but really wanted to find the one that would work best. Furnace installation itself was also remarkable. I’ve never seen such quick and professional HVAC service before. They put everything together and checked if every part of the system worked correctly. For the whole time, there were very polite and answered patiently all of my questions. I could honestly recommend such HVAC service to anybody.

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