Joe emergency drain cleaning Bolingbrook

We all use drains. They are an integral part of our life. Be it the toilet, the bathroom sink, the kitchen sink, or the shower, having the water drain properly is something we need, but also something we take for granted until there is a clog. Hair, old toothpaste, food that isn’t properly disposed of, and even grease poured down the drain are oversights, until the problem occurs.


When that happens, knowing how to perform proper drain cleaning Bolingbrook is a good way to stave off frustration, and save some money on a plumber. Some of your clog items can’t be avoided but can be prevented to a point. Hair for instance. It seems like something small, but a lot of hair can make for one whopper of a dam in your pipes.

The biggest drawbacks of having your pipes clogged are obvious. Needing to call a plumber is expensive, often messy, and can leave you without water for other uses throughout the home for several hours. Smells that culminate from the mixture of items trapped in the drain are a likelihood as well. And of course, not being able to use your shower or sink because the water will just build up until overflow. And that doesn’t even touch the subject of your sewer line.

There are some steps to maintain your drains to prevent all of these:

  • Use a drain catch, or mesh drain screen, to collect large items like rings or toothpaste caps that can fall in by accident.
  • Flush your drains with hot water at least once a month.
  • Never put hot grease in your drain system, because it will congeal in the trap once it cools.
  • Never let the garbage disposal get too full, and run cold water while it is in operation.
  • Lift your drain stopper to get caught hair hooked at the base, and throw the hair in the trash or you will need emergency drain cleaning Bolingbrook.