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Our slat roof has been suffering through many years of constant exposure to the harsh elements. It was so weathered that it began leaking in some areas. My wife and I decided that it was finally time to have a new roof made. I first met the crew of TZ Roofing Company in Glenview while they were working on a flat roof in our neighborhood. I got curious and decided to speak to the owner of the house who proudly showed me what they were doing. I was impressed by their work, so I hired this roofing company immediately. It was the best decision I had made. My wife and I were so delighted with the transformation that happened to our roof! So just in case you need help from a competent roofing contractor around the Glenview area, look no further. These hard working residential roofing experts will be the perfect team to help you finish the job. I know. I was working with them closely from start to finish, and they were nothing but professional. I highly recommend this roofing contractor to anyone living in Glenview. Drop by at 909 Hunter Road if you are around the area, or call them at 773-213-5149.

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We had our roof severely damaged by one of those recent storms with strong high winds. We had a bad experience with the last residential roofing crew years ago, and it made us very cautious. We decided on hiring the services of TZ Roofing Company in Glenview because they understood us and they answered all our questions thoroughly. In a few days after speaking with them, they had someone come over and check out the damaged roof. Once all the paperwork and approvals were completed, their team of residential roofing specialists immediately started working on the roof. They also had a rep guide us as we picked out quality rubber roofing that looked absolutely stunning when it got installed. We are delighted with how our new roof looks. Our house is built on a corner lot, and the new roof's outline has made it stand out. We couldn't have done this without the knowledge of these flat roof specialists Chicago. They changed what we expected to have been a very stressful experience into a surprisingly smooth and straightforward process. I highly recommend this roofing company to all our friends and family.