Traditional accounting, buy local and trust local

I’ve been going to ACCU-TAX for Accounting Services for years. Back when I first started my business, I needed accounting and tax services even in the early years. Now that we have grown into a larger company, I still stick with my local and trusted accounting firm near me. Since working with them, I’ve used them for taxes booking and account both for work and my personal finances. It’s been worry free even when there were sudden changes in my fiances. They were able to handle anything as it happened. With great cominucationand feedback not only could they help fix problems of mine, they also help prevent problems from occurring later in the future. I’ve recommended ACCU-TAX’s outsourced accounting services to both colleges and friends, and will continue to do so for anyone who needs and accounting or tax help Thanks again for your years of service and hard work!

Tax Preparation For A New Era Of Business

When I was looking for accountants near me, I was lucky to find ACCU-TAX for their Accounting Services. I did try a few others before, but I found most traditional accounting firms do not understand online businesses. I don’t have a physical location for business, my employees are scattered across the globe and so are my customers. Other accountant companies used terms like “3rd party contractors” when I used more modern terms like “virtual assistant”. I was great to find tax preparation and help that has been around a long time with lots of experience but yet modern enough to start with the times and speak the business language that I understand as a modern online business owner. I‘m grateful that they were understanding of my way I do my business and still make sense of it all in a traditional fashion. They also helped me with getting accounting software up and running, so we can keep better track of what we do, which helps us worth with our new amazing accountant. We will be recommending this company to both local people in our community and my online community of other digital entrepreneurs.